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Why don’t you take an offering?

Regarding why we don’t take an offering From a recent email we received: Pastor, I recently visited your church and was surprised that you don’t take an offering during your services. I wasn’t offended, but want to know why you don’t take offerings. I believe that Christians are to give, but must also be given an opportunity to give. Is there a reason you don’t allow your congregants to give their tithes and offerings to the church? Just curious, -Danielle…
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What does the Bible say about tithing?

Tithing and the Bible Recently, an individual who watches our online messages asked us the following question: Pastor, I have recently become a Christian and am confused about financial support for my church. How much am I required to give? I’ve been told that ten-percent should be the absolute bottom-line. I am currently in a minimum wage job and giving ten-percent would be a huge blow to my ability to financially survive. What is your opinion on tithing? Thanks, John…