Communion Elements

The Lord’s Supper

Recently asked by a new believer: Why do we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and what does it mean? Here is our response:  What’s in a Name?  There are two different names which are often used to identify the Lord’s Supper. Formal churches call it the “Eucharist,” which means “to give thanks.”  This describes the first aspect of the Lord’s Supper.  We are “giving thanks” to God for sending His Son to pay the price for our sins. Less formal churches…
Water Baptism

What is the significance of Water Baptism?

From a recent question following our Sunday service: What is the significance of water baptism and why do we practice it in the church today? Here is our response: In the Bible, there are two sacraments (ordinances) which Christians are called to practice and observe: The Lord’s Supper and water baptism. The purpose of both is to signify by outward symbolism what Christ has accomplished in a believer’s life through faith in Him. As true believers, we are both instructed…