Sermons on Acts

Acts of the apostles

Are Christians under the Law of Moses? Acts 15:1-5

Are Christians commanded to keep the Torah–the Law of Moses–to be saved? Are Christians supposed to be circumcised in the flesh or circumcised of the heart? Is salvation about keeping all 613 commandments of the Torah or is salvation by grace, through faith; not on the basis of works? Open your Bible to Acts 15:1-5 and also keep a bookmark in Jeremiah, Galatians, Colossians, and Philippians.
Acts of the apostles

Proper, Spirit-Filled Church Leadership & Elders Acts 14:23

Acts 14:23 verse by verse Bible study exploring the definition of biblical church leadership according to the Bible: What roles do church elders have in biblical church leadership and ecclesiology? Are church elders for today? What about deacons, pastors and overseers? And what can we learn from the original Greek New Testament about their roles in the body of Christ as exemplary servants and godly leaders? What other forms of church government are there such as congregational-led or pastor-led churches…